Website Maintenance Charges


All Websites need to be maintained, and updated regularly.  If you are not updating or posting blogs on a monthly basis, you are missing out on google benefits.  Google has an algorithm that is performed on each website.  This algorithm is not “known” to the public, but there are many ways that you can boost your ranking on google.  If you are not prepared to try google Adwords or even if you are, you should first look at your site and see what kinds of things you can do to improve your ranking.  One important way is to regularly update your content.  Many things in your business stay the same, but many things also change as you grow.  It is important to keep your customers informed with the changes.  If you are using wordpress and plugins you will need to keep the software up to date.  Wordpress makes it easy to do this by going in and running updates through your dashboard.  However, it is very important to back up your site before making an update just in case it “breaks” your site.  Just like you update your iPhone, or your iPad, or your windows software, you have to keep your website up to date as well.


I provide web maintenance services for all types of websites.  I am very familiar with WordPress, and have worked with many other website builders and initially started my business using html and dreamweaver over 10 years ago.


My maintenance fees are $60/hour, and typically I can do a lot in an hour.

Please give me a call if you need assistance on maintaining your site.  If necessary we can always rebuild it in an easier format for you to maintain yourself or if you are hosting with me, I can do 10 minute changes per month included in your hosting fee.


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